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Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek medical attention. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide. We are here to help you.

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Someone can experience back pain anywhere from a few days to decades. Most often it will show up in the lower back, but discomfort can be felt anywhere from the neck all the way down to the hips.

The most common reasons include:

  • Bad Posture
  • Heavy Lifting on a daily basis
  • Pulled Muscle
  • Uncomfortable Sleeping Posture
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Age Related Changes in the Spine

Treatment Overview for Back Pain

Back Pain often gets better over time. A few things to help facilitate healing are gentle movements and staying active.

Chiropractic treatments are a safe alternative to drugs to alleviate discomfort as well as restriction of movements.

How we can Help

In order to fully understand your current situation, we will take a thorough assessment. Discuss what your goals are, regardless if you just want to get out of pain or want to reach a certain health goal.

Together we decide on an appropriate treatment plan. We will use gentle adjustments, stretches and home exercises to help you reach your goals.

If you want to get rid of your Back Pain once and for all, book an appointment with us.
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