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Experiencing a sharp pain in your buttock or leg? It might be sciatica. Rest assured, we have helped countless patients in a similar situation.
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Break Free from Pain Once and for All

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in your body. The pain typically starts in the lower back or the buttock and travels down one leg.

Some might feek:

  • A mild ache
  • Sharp pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Electric shock type feeling
While it comes from nerve irritation, the exact cause can vary for each person. That's why creating a personalised plan based on your own needs and symptoms is the most effective way to deal with it.

Treatment for Sciatica

No matter your age or if you've received a formal sciatica diagnosis, we are here to assist you. We'll analyse the issue, pinpoint the main cause, and design a personalised treatment strategy that aligns with your daily routine.

Our goal with this method is to reduce existing pain and lower the chances of it worsening into a more serious problem as time goes on.

What to Expect

Our care starts with a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the source and cause of your pain.

Once we understand the reasons behind your symptoms, we can recommend a personalised care plan. This will consist of guidance, adjustments, and a home exercise routine.

We have helped many patients with sciatic nerve problems. We are here for you. Take the first step and get in touch with us.
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