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Neck Pain

Neck pain comes in various forms, ranging from a dull ache to sharp, stabbing sensations, and the causes are equally diverse. That's why we personalise our care to cater to every individual.
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Put and End to Pain, Permanently 

Regardless of whether you're aware of the specific cause of your pain, we'll assist in pinpointing the source and creating a care plan tailored to your lifestyle.

Neck pain usually stems from:

  • Limited mobility
  • Incorrect posture
  • Arthritis
  • Pinched nerve
  • Sports-related injury
  • Accidental trauma
Neck pain can affect anyone at any age, impacting nerves, soft tissues, and neck muscles. It's crucial to comprehend the cause before embarking on a treatment approach.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Many people feel discouraged and fatigued due to persistent pain. The reality is, such discomfort can quickly impact not only other parts of our body but also our mental well-being.

For those grappling with neck pain, there's good news: we've successfully guided numerous individuals in reclaiming their lives. Even those enduring years of struggle have discovered relief with us.

What to Expect

In the initial examination, we thoroughly assess your neck, examining various muscles and joints. We conduct a range of tests, including neurological and orthopaedic ones.

Following a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, we tailor our recommendations for the next steps. This might involve prescribing specific exercises, stretches and mobility drills for you to do independently at home.

Repeatedly, specific and gentle adjustments have proven to be effective in relieving pain and improving mobility.

Every care plan is unique to you, focusing not only on addressing current discomfort and issues but also on preventing potential future occurrences. Your preferences and needs guide our approach to ensure your care experience is personalised.

Feel free to book a visit with us. We are certain we can help you. 
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